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Sheet Resistivity & Optical Density

Overview: Sheet Resistivity and OD Measuring Devices

We produce sheet resistivity measuring instruments since 1981.
Through continuous development and improvement today we can offer a wide range of devices for different applications.
In principle we differentiate from on-line (in-situ) and off-line (laboratory) measuring devices.

Measurable substrates / Applications:

    - Packaging foil (food/pharmaceutical/medical)
    - Metallized capacitor foil
    - Window films (sun protection)
    - Coated glass (Low-E; ITO, TCOetc.)
    - Solar cell production
    - Metallized labels
    - Decorative films/paper
    - Flexible Circuit Boards (FCB)
    - Galvanic coatings
    - Sputtered layers
    - etc.

SD-600 frei klein Angebote

SD-600 (successor of SD-510)
Device for Measuring the Sheet Resistivity with 4-point Measuring Method

The SD-600 is a device for applications in quality assurance and laboratory, for calibration purposes and other higher demands. The device is accurate and has 6 measuring ranges (from 0 ... 0,2 mOhm/sq to 0 ... 200 kOhm/sq) and more functions like the automatic calculation of the correction while measuring narrow strips.

SDKR-13 and SDKR-25

SDKR-25: 4-point measuring head for SD-510, SD-600 and SD-460.

4 spring-suspended contacts ensure good electrical contact. The contact tips are rhodium plated. Smallest measuring spot/surface: about 8 mm

SDKR-13: similar to SDKR-25 but for measuring of small surfaces like segmented coated films or narrow strips. Smallest measuring spot/surface: about 4 mm .


E-500-10: calibration box for checking the SD-600 or SD-510 and SD-460. Calibration points: 0 (zero) Ohm and 10 Ohm/sq.

Versions with other values are available on request.

Usage E-500 zero Usage E-500 10
StratometerG top+side_a
StratometerG docked

Stratometer G (successor of “Stratometer plus”)
Handheld device for contactless measuring of sheet resistivity with high-frequency method

This device makes it possible to measure electrical conducting metal surfaces on films, glass, paper, plastic, etc. Oxidized surfaces, lacquer-coated surfaces or insecure contacts do not lead to measuring difficulties. The STRATOMETER G is a small handheld instrument. It’s designed for applications in quality assurance. Measurement takes place by simply placing the device on the sample. Measuring range: 0,5...20 Ohm/sq. Dimensions: approx. 230 x 120 x 50 mm (without docking station).
Features: display of the sheet resistivity in Ohm/sq, in Siemens/sqr (mho), optical density, layer thickness in nanometer, possibility of entering a material-constant, storage of 100 measured values, serial interface (RS-232) for printing or data transmission to a PC. Resolution will automatically adjust to measured value.
Docking station: keeps battery permanently charged and allows connection to PC (via RS-232).

SRM-14 indicator 3 small

SRM-14T (successor of SRM-12 series)
Device for non-contact measuring of sheet resistivity

Metal coatings with insulating or sensitive surfaces on films, glass, paper, plastic, etc. can be measured with this device. It is a desktop device for applications in quality as-surance laboratories. It has a higher accuracy than handheld devices. As the meas-uring takes place between the two heads of a pair of measuring heads, the position of the sample (film) does not influence the measuring result as much as in the case of handheld devices. The instrument consists of a microprocessor controlled device and a measuring apparatus with a pair of high frequency measuring heads. Spacing for samples: 10 or 20 mm. The measuring spot has a diameter of approx. 110 mm. The device comes with a serial interface (RS-232 and USB 2.0) for data transfer to a PC.

SRM-12 Messvorrichtung

similar to SRM-12T but for measureming small surfaces e.g. segmented films
Recommended for capacitor foils. Smallest measuring spot is 7 mm . Spacing for samples: 0,5 or 1 mm.

SRM-12TS Messvorrichtung

similar to SRM-14T but with integrated sensor for optical density (OD)
This instrument measures sheet resistivity and OD (transmission). Both units are “really” measured and not just calculated.
Especially usefull for loan-coaters who metallize transparent and opaque substrates.

This combined measuring technique is also available as on-line version (CRT-1).

SRM-12OD Messvorrichtung

measuring equipment for continuous, non-destructive on-line measurement and monitoring of sheet resistivity

The non-contact measuring method makes it possible to implement measurements on moving substrates (e.g. production control of moving films, paper or glass). Therefore, it is possible to take measurements and observe the product during the process without stopping the machine and without scratching the layer.

Spacing (gap) between the measuring heads is 5, 10 or 20 mm depending on the required range
Using the SRM-50, large widths can be observed with 1 to 99 measuring heads.
Measurements are taken by a microprocessor controlled multi-channel device. The device is designed for vacuum. A RS-232 interface provides data communication to a PC. Standard is the RS-232 serial interface but RS-485 or Profibus is also available.
A PC (industrial version) and monitoring software is as an option.

SRM-50 Messvorrichtung

CRT-1: combined measuring equipment for continuous, non-destructive on-line measurement and monitoring of sheet resistivity and optical density

This machine may be used in vacuum but of course it can be installed onto any other machine (e.g. slitting-machine, rewinder, etc.).

CRT-1 Messvorrichtung
Schematic Overview online system TE100303-1046

DIAG-50: Diagnose Tool for on-line Measuring instruments

Optional diagnose tool for SRM-50, SRM-70, OD-10 and CRT-1. This tool shows measuring values, diagnose data which may be useful during setuip, installation and error diagnosis.


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